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Alicia + Andrew New Zealand

Alicia and Andrew’s love story started when they met in a community house in Christchurch where they became friends which led to something deeper and more profound over time. One thing they had in common from the very beginning was a passion for community; which was beautifully displayed throughout their wedding day. Their vision was […]


Cephas + Sofia Greece

Sofia, a beautiful Swiss woman fell in love with a handsome Jamaican man named Cephas and decided to have a big fat Greek wedding! Their wedding day was jam packed with nothing but joy and bliss. I am so thankful to have been able to photograph these dear friends on their special day alongside my handsome […]


Nate + Gretchen North Carolina

Nate and Gretchen hosted a gorgeous destination wedding in the mountains of North Carolina. About forty family members and close friends came from all over the states to this intimate union of love. Almost every little detail of the wedding was handcrafted by the couple themselves, proving less is more. I love these friends dearly and […]

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